So, let us talk strategy in the game of seeking employment. After all, anything that requires success requires masterful strategy. And, I can’t think of anything more deserving of success than beating your competitors to win employment. There is an estimated 93 Million people in the United States who are essentially your competitors. Our partnership will provide you strategy that will assist your greatly as you leverage the expertise and experience of actual recruiters who will prepare your strategy and advise you through the entire job seeking process. We serve as advisers in the following areas:

1. Crafting the Great Resume
2. Tailoring the Great Resume to specific job requirement to achieve the Greatest Resume
3. Research the companies or firms that you achieve an interview with to prepare you for the Great Interview

Crafting The Great Resume:
This is the initial deliverable of your job seeking efforts. Crafting The Great Resume is much more than putting information on paper. EVERYTHING matters. From the font you use, to the format and use of grammar, crafting the Great Resume ultimately determines if you get an interview or if the opportunity is granted to your competitors. $149.99

Tailoring The Great Resume to achieve The Greatest Resume
The tailoring of The Great Resume to meet the needs of the job description to which you want to apply is a very important step that must not be undervalued. As a job seeker, you may be well qualified and deserving for an interview. However, if the hiring manager does not see the exact qualifications on your resume, the risk is that your Great Resume will take second place to someone else’s resume that reads the exact qualifications. Tailoring your resume to meet the needs of the position you are applying for creates what we call, The Greatest Resume. The Greatest Resume lands the interview. We maintain an 80% Resume to Interview ratio when we take over the resume tailoring process! $249.99 (Includes crafting of The Great Resume and five resume tailorings.)

Preparation and Polish of the Interview
The most important of the job seeking process. It all comes down to this moment in time. How competent and polished you present yourself at interview. Knowing the etiquette of what to wear, how to posture yourself, what questions to ask and how to answer key questions literally sets you apart from your competition providing you the edge. $349.99 (Includes crafting The Great Resume, five resume tailorings and five Interview Preparations.)