It is important to understand the difference between creating The Great Resume
and creating
The Greatest Resume. They are indeed two different resumes with
two VERY different purposes.  

The Great Resume is a multi-purpose generalized resume that is used as a primary.
This is the resume that it used at the general level. I.e, For job board postings, career
expos, in passing conversations or general submissions. The Great Resume is not
specific to any particular position. Crafting the Great Resume will showcase your skills
and experience as it relates to your strengths, abilities and experience and be
formated in such a way that is psychology engaging.

The Greatest Resume is an honest enhancement and tailor of The Great Resume
specific to the job to which you are applying. See, every open position in the
unemployment market is unique. They request skill sets in various priorities and as
such, The Greatest Resume must be tailored to the job's uniqueness. In order for a
jobseeker's resume to reach the status of
The Greatest Resume in the eyes of the
employer, it must reflect the unique experience the employer itself is looking for.     
Crafting 'The Great Resume' is the first step to winning employment. It is the face of
what employers judge to see if you, as the jobseeker is worthy of discussions regarding
their open position. A jobseeker can be well qualified, but if the employer doesn't see
the connection between you and their position on paper, they will discard your
resume and move on to your competition.  

The 'Great Resume' is much more than some words placed on a piece on paper. It is
truly a document that must be written in meaning and carry a high level eloquence. It
is a document that must flow within its grammar and be formated in such a way that
when an employer reviews it, Bam! They see the potential of
'The Great Candidate'.

DK Hartman quotes, "Creating 'The Great Resume' is much like creating great poetry.
All the elements of your story must flow in almost romantic precision. The goal is to get
the employer to fall in love with your poetry before they've even spoken with you.
When this happens, the employer already has a preconceived notion that they have
found, "The Great Candidate". You're already ahead of the bulk of your competition in
this one step and we've just started the game".  
Crafting The Great         
Crafting The
Greatest Resume
Crafting 'The Greatest Resume' is the second stage to beating your competition to
win employment. At this stage, we've already created
The Great Resume that is
needed at the general representation level.
Now, we must provide concentration to
your experience at the detailed level as it relates to the job you are applying for. Let us
remember, that any of us can be well qualified for a position, but if the employer
doesn't immediately and quickly see the connection between you and the open job,
your resume will be tossed aside in the endless stack of what they determine to be
"unqualified resumes".  
The Greatest Resume must make the specific connection
between your skill set and experience as it relates to their open position.  

Like all forms of art, creating
The Great and Greatest Resume takes experience in
the craft of resume writing and strategic planning. Just as we would call upon a great
pizza maker to make us
The Great Pizza, we must partner with those skilled in the
art of resume crafting to craft us what is,
The Great Resume.  
The Difference
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