Strategic Resume Group (SRG) is founded upon high-level recruitment principals from veteran recruiter
and CEO DK Hartman. He has proven experience crafting resumes, tailoring resumes to fit the needs of
specific job requirements as well as providing strategy to adequately prepare job applicants to interview
allowing for optimal results as it relates to winning an offer letter.

His resume writing tailorings have averaged an impressive 80% Resume to Interview Ratio. His expertise
and experience accumulated over 15 years in the recruitment business has turned into a passion, to which
he now shares with the common jobseeker.

DK Hartman quotes, "You have to realize that finding employment is much more than writing words on a
piece of paper and calling it a resume. Finding employment is much more than submitting what you call a
resume to various employers and calling it a day. There is a whole process behind what you must do to WIN
employment that most jobseekers don't know. You must be smarter, more strategic, more eloquent and
more polished than your competitors. If you're not. You lose. It's that simple".

His Strategy to winning employment is what most job seekers don't know. Unless, they've happen to have
been an executive recruiter in their past professional life. His unique strategy consists of a three step
process: Crafting The Great Resume, Tailoring The Great Resume to achieve the Greatest Resume and
Mastering the Great Interview. Each step of the process can be purchased separately to fit within a budget.
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